About Us is the retail branch of Sims Recycling Solutions UK (SRS). SRS is one of the world's largest electronics reuse and recycling company, a century-old company operating in twenty countries across five continents. We resell over 168,000 units annually, providing companies and government agencies with environmentally responsible solutions for refurbishing and disposing of their surplus IT and telecoms equipment.

This is where gets our great products. Our stock comes from the companies and agencies who bought top-quality new stock and kept it well maintained. We collect these units and bring them to our asset recovery facility where we work our IT magic!  First we data wipe the equipment, ensuring that it no longer contains any data from a former user. They are then put through a rigorous testing programme before being cleaned inside and out. 

Finally, as one of only a handful of Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers in the UK, we install a genuine Windows operating system on all compatible products.

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Now, your equipment is ready to use as soon as you open the box.



Meet the Team

E-Commerce Manager

We have lots of great stock, a big warehouse to keep it all in and loads of dedicated customers. All of this needs careful coordination and planning. Our E-Commerce Manager does all this and must have eyes in the back of his head, because nothing slips past him.


E-Commerce Assistant

How do we refurbish so much quality stock so quickly and get it out to customers even faster? With the help of Charlie, our details guy and E-Commerce Assistant.



Lead Technician

Billy is the man behind the magic. He data wipes your equipment, installs a new operating system, and cleans your kit inside and out- so it looks as good as it works.



Quality Assurance Manager

This guy heads up our entire production team and is responsible for all things quality. From the excellent packaging to the stellar service, Arthur has all the tools to measure our perfomance and ensure you have a great shopping experience.